Three Words on The Mission & Ministry Academy

Tim Oberdieck, Featured Teacher

The Mission & Ministry Academy was relaunched in 2022. Mr. Oberdieck, the director of the academy, shares that he uses three words to describe the Mission & Ministry Academy. Those words are discipleship, networking, and experience. 

Discipleship: The Mission & Ministry Academy, or MMA for short, meets once weekly during lunch to discuss a discipleship or mission book to grow as followers of Christ and leaders in the church and world. This year, the academy read and discussed Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis and Toxic Charity by Roberrt Lupton.

Networking: In MMA, junior students will hear from guest speakers from many aspects of mission and ministry (teachers, local and international missionaries, pastors, worship leaders, etc) before they choose an area of interest where they can observe and work alongside someone in that field. 

Experience: MMA is different from other academy experiences. Rather than research a topic of interest, students receive hands-on experience in their field of interest! Plus, all academy students still get an honors credit every semester! If this is something that interests you, Mr. Oberdieck would love to hear from you!