A Look Into Lights: Project by Myer Vandas

Myer Vandas, Lights Featured Writer

“Self Talk”

Lights Academy Project by Myer Vandas

What is it?

The way in which you talk to yourself .

What are the three types? 

Conversational: Having a small conversation with yourself.
Negative: insulting and doubting yourself.
Positive: complimenting and encouraging yourself

Conversational Self Talk 

You’re not having a full conversation, you’re just clearing the air.

Negative Self Talk 

It causes insecurities, depression, and anxiety.
Ex: “I hate the way I look”
Ex: “I’m gonna do terrible”

Positive Self Talk 

It is the best way to counteract your negative thoughts.
Ex: “I Love Myself”
Ex: “I Can Do This”

1:3 Rule 

For every single bad thing we say about ourselves we need 3 positives to combat it.

How can I learn more? 

Therapy: Online or in person there is a licensed professional to help you with all your problems.