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Lutheran High School Student News


Ainsley Ullyatt

Ainsley Ullyatt, Writer

Ainsley is in 10th grade. This is her second year writing for the newspaper. In her free time, Ainsley likes to play tennis and listen to music.

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LuHi Grows as Phase 3 of “Greater Impact Plan is Announced

LuHi Grows as Phase 3 of “Greater Impact” Plan is Announced

Ainsley Ullyatt, Writer February 8, 2024

As Lutheran High School becomes a bigger and bigger part of the community, it can seem overwhelming to keep up, especially in regards to expansion. An example of this expansion is going to be Phase 3 of...

LuHi’s Favorite Christmas Movies

Ainsley Ullyatt, Writer December 12, 2023

Everyone has their favorite Christmas traditions to celebrate the holidays and create fun memories. Many families have a tradition surrounding watching Christmas movies during the holiday season. The Luhi...

Photo by Hailey Berge

Spirits Rising With the Sun

Ainsley Ullyatt, Writer September 25, 2023

As the school year approached, seniors emotionally prepared for their final first day of high school. The excitement buzzed from person to person as they all congregated at the top of the Bluffs hill for...

Serving Up Joy

Ainsley Ullyatt, Writer April 26, 2023

Amidst the competitive and often stressful world of tennis, our Lady Lions tennis team has decided to focus on a different kind of victory this season: joy. Every year the LuHi tennis team chooses a theme...

Night to Shine 2023

Ainsley Ullyatt, Writer April 11, 2023

Night To Shine is an extraordinary event that provides a special experience to those who are sometimes excluded or overlooked. It is free for everyone who attends, giving equal opportunity to all guests....

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